Spring and summer at Avissa – Ann Arbor hair salon

Avissa Salon l Spa offers Keratin-based hair smoothing treatments, from GKHair to Brazilian Blowout. Avissa Salon l Spa in Ann Arbor now offers the Split-End Treatment by Brazilian Blowout as well! This treatment focuses on those “oh-so-annoying” split ends and fly always at the end of hair. The Split-End Treatment is meant to restore your hair back to a healthy appearance once again.

Avissa Salon l Spa, located near North Campus, has fully stocked shelves to help you get your hair back to its most lush. The product lines include Enjoy Hair Care, Neuma, Loma, GKHair, Moroccan Oil, Schwarzkopf, and Brazilian Blowout. Here at Avissa we put our clients first; our knowledgeable staff will help guide you in the direction you want to go with your hair.

Avissa likes to show our clients are always appreciated. In December 2013, we launched a new Loyalty Points System. Every client receives 5% back in Avissa Loyalty Points. (100 Loyalty Points= $1.00 towards services or products). You save them and spend them once you have enough points for any service or product.

There is a student happy hour offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. Those students will need confirmation with a student I.D brought in to the salon at the same time they come in for the appointment.

Avissa Salon l Spa is a family-owned operation. Emphasis is based on healthy skin, hair and nails caring for each client’s specific needs. The hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday: 10 a.m to 8 p.m Saturday: 9 a.m to 6 p.m Closed Sunday and Mondays.

For more information please contact Avissa Salon l Spa at or 734-662-8578


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Are you thinking about getting a pedicure? Get Yours at Avissa Salon! – Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Nail Salon University of Michigan north campus manicure, pedicure and shellac

Don’t Avoid a Pedicure; Get Yours at Avissa Salon! – Ann Arbor

Hello Avissa Fans!

It’s almost that time of year again; shorts, swim wear, cool grass beneath your feet. But wait! Have you gotten a pedicure lately? Have you had or heard of a pedicure disaster that has kept you out of the chair? Maybe you’ve seen blogs about pedicure safety, like this one from Huffington Post that have you feeling less than confident about your usual nail salon. Well, fret no more, because Avissa Salon can offer you a worry-free experience to prepare those tootsies for the warm weather that’s (hopefully) coming soon.

Our Pedicure Chair

It all starts with the pedicure chair and foot bath. We disinfect our massage chair between clients with Barbicide wipes to make the chair itself germ-free. Our foot bath is a pipe-less bath, so although it does have bubbling jets, our jets are removable for sanitation in a Barbicide immersion. Each client can expect that before putting their feet in, the tub has been soaked in a hospital-grade sanitation, (including running though the jets!) for 10+ minutes. Still feeling nervous? Ask you nail tech to forgo the bubbles and get you a tub liner. Tub liners are disposable plastic liners that keep your feet from ever coming into contact with the tub walls, and adding just another layer of protection for your feet.

pedicure 2 pedicure 1

The Implements

One of the easiest things a nail salon can do is sanitize its tools. It’s as simple as immersing all non-porous tools (metal) in a solution of Barbicide for 10 minutes. Here at Avissa, we have enough tools to go around, so our implements soak for 20 minutes or longer. But we go even a step further! Our metal-handled callous smoothers (soak-able) have disposable scrubbers, so you can be sre that it is a germ-free callous smoothing experience!

Each client in our salon can be certain that every nail file and nail buffer is used for just them and then thrown away. Want to take it home for your own use? Just ask! We love to send clients home with the tools of the trade!

pedicure 3

pedicure 6
pedicure 5
peicure 4

Know your role in staying safe!

We at Avissa Salon – Ann Arbor are highly educated in proper sanitation and client safety, but there are some things you can do to keep yourself safe as well. If you experience grown-in toe nails, let us know so we can make sure we don’t round any corners too much. And although we appreciate that you want your legs nice and smooth for us, please don’t shave on our account! The Avissa team would MUCH rather feel your stubbly legs during your foot massage than subject your little cuts or open pores from shaving/waxing to danger, even if we know our baths are super clean!

Let’s talk about cuticles, too. During your appointment, we oil them for you and push them back. Occasionally we will clip or buff them away in order to get to the nail plate for painting. At home, you can also oil and gently push back those cuticles with Solar Oil Cuticle Oil and an orange stick or cuticle pusher. By doing at-home cuticle maintenance, you lessen the chance of cuticle overgrowth.

Lastly, our clients’ overall health is very important to us. Please let us know if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or immune deficiency illnesses. Many common conditions, even pregnancy, will effect the way we approach your pedicure. We want to guarantee you a safe, healthy, and pleasurable appointment.

Avissa Salon’s step-by-step express pedicure video:

Welcome back to our salon blog!

We’ve been busy bees since the New Year, which is why it’s taken a bit to catch up with the blog. We’ve also had some staff changes…I know, sad face, but there’s also smiles on our horizon. Bad news first folks; our dear receptionist, Jamie, has decided to pursue other ventures. We will miss her, and we wish her the best. We know you all will miss her too, as she was a constant ray of sunshine.jamie
In brighter news, Karen Hegel has joined our staff of stylists! Karen originally hails from Gladwin, MI and owned her own salon up  there in the north. Let’s just say she missed us down here in the lower mitten, (because as you all know, we do indeed rock!)  She would have me write how awesome she is, but we already know that, which is why we hired her in the first place! Now what you all need to do is come in and experience her awesomeness for yourselves. She is available for appointments Tuesday-Saturday, so just give us a call (734-662-8578) to book your appointment with her. Karen
(Don’t forget to check out our Facebook albums regularly to see her growing portfolio!)
Signing off as your new blog writer extraordinaire!!
Peace and hair grease,

Client Appreciation Day!

It’s time once again for us to celebrate our love for our clients with a

Client Appreciation Day!

We want to invite our current clients, past clients, and future clients to join us on

Friday, February 14 from 3-7pm.

 We’ll have all the good (free!!) stuff, folks:


Product samples


Styling tips

And to add icing to the (heart-shaped) cake:

Jane Iredale makeup applications for $10!!

Blowouts for $20!!

10% discount for future services!!


Styling Labs at Avissa Salon

End those bad hair days with our simple styling tips.
Avissa Salon | Spa would like to personally invite you, your  co-worker, friends, and family to our Complimentary Styling Lab/Hair Party on a night of your choice.

Have some fun while our master stylist teaches you how to create that fresh-from-the salon look … EVERYDAY!

What we teach:
• How to efficiently use a round and flat brush
• What products are necessary for certain looks
• How to avoid the “frizzies” or how to make your blowdry last
• How to create volume, shape, and give your bangs a flawless finish
• How to create a textured looked using both a flat iron and curling iron
• How to achieve a beautiful wavy or bouncy curly look
• How to touch up natural curls and the appropriate products to use
• A chance to meet one-on-one with a stylist to ask questions

Event requires a minimum of 7 participants.
Refreshments and snack will be provided. ​​​

Ask us how hosting a LADIES’ NIGHT OUT can benefit you!